Adcenter Character Limits Now 71 Characters

I opened up Adcenter Desktop today and was surprised to see that Adcenter character limits on ads have been increased from 70 characters in the ad text to 71 characters!

The new Adcenter character limits are:

Ad Title (headline): 25 Characters
Ad Text (Line 1 & Line 2): 71 Characters
Display URL: 35 Characters
Destination URL: 1024 Characters

This is very big news for anyone that has had to import campaigns from Google to Bing/Yahoo.  Those that have imported Adwords campaigns from Google to Bing manually know what a pain it was to upload an import file and then have to edit a bunch of ads that were over the character limits.

For large accounts, this small detail could take hours to fix even with the bulk editing capabilities of Adcenter Desktop tool.

I have very little respect for Adcenter and Microsoft in general.  Their development team and directors in charge of Adcenter are a bunch of idiots.  Changes made to Adcenter takes years.  The changes they do make are stupid and senseless.  They are a corporate giant with layers upon layers of bureaucratic BS.  I guarantee you there are intelligent employees suggesting valuable changes to Adcenter to hire-up directors that shoot them down because they stuck in their old ways.  Innovation dies at Microsoft.

It's nice to see Adcenter making a good decision.

The reason Google is successful at generating revenue is because they make it easy for any advertiser of any size to spend money with them.  The way the Adcenter system is structured makes even the simplest of tasks mind-numbingly laborious, complex and time-consuming.

Here's the message I saw in Adcenter Desktop prompting me to upgrade:

adCenter Desktop 8.2 Release Notes

This version of adCenter Desktop includes:

  • 71 character ad description. We’ve increased the ad text character limit from 70 to 71 characters to make it easier for you to import your ads from Google AdWords.
  • Reliability and stability improvements. We've made several improvements to the reliability and stability of adCenter Desktop.

Here's more information posted on Yahoo! about the new increase in ad text character limits:

2) Increase to ad description character limit
To better align with industry standards, adCenter's maximum allowed characters in ad descriptions has increased from 70 to 71. With this change, you can more easily import ads from AdWords to adCenter without the need to modify your ad descriptions. This will apply both in the adCenter UI and when using adCenter Desktop.

Adcenter developers develop in a box closed off from understanding the needs of everyday marketers that use their system and tools to advertise.  If Microsoft was smart (which they aren't), they would realize that they are losing a staggering amount of revenue from advertisers simply because their system is laborious and time-consuming for advertisers.  It's a simple formula - when make it easy for advertisers to advertise, you make more money.

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