Adcenter Desktop Advanced Search Update

FINALLY!  Adcenter developers updated the advanced search functionality within Adcenter Desktop tool.

I can't tell you how long I've waited for this update.

Here's a look at what the advanced search looked like before the update:

Old Adcenter Advanced Search

You know, that piece of crap pop-up/pop-down filter thing?  Quite possibly the worst, most poorly thought-out part of ANY software ever constructed.

I mean, look at the redundancy!  First choose your keyword, then choose the umm... keyword, then choose the criteria, then enter ONE value to search for.  Oh, did you want to search multiple criteria?  OK, then click that 'Add criteria' button and repeat the previous laborious, redundant step.

In the newly updated Adcenter Desktop 8.7.1, advanced search looks EXACTLY like Adwords Editor's Advanced Search. This is great for Adwords Editor users.  It also shows that if you can't beat them (Google), copy them (Adcenter).

New Adcenter Desktop Advanced Search

Look.  There's still redundancy.  It's Microsoft.  BUT, at least you have a textAREA instead of a textFIELD now.  You can also quickly and easily perform advanced searches on a lot of criteria at once.

The form looks exactly like Adwords Editor.

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