Adwords Budget Management Scripts

Managing Adwords budgets can be very time-consuming. If you work at an agency like I do, or manage paid search accounts for clients, you know that with so much going on, it's easy to lose track of where each client's budget is every month.

If you've ever gone over-budget, or if you spend a lot of time running spend reports, I have a solution for you.

I was banging my head against the wall pulling weekly spend reports for all clients across multiple MCCs for Adwords and Bing Ads and then throwing them in a pivot table and using this super-fancy Excel spreadsheet to aggregate the data based on some extremely long Excel formulas. Then Adwords scripts came along.

At first, I didn't think much about Adwords scripts because I don't know the first thing about javascript. Being resourceful, I reached out to a developer I know and he had been experimenting with Adwords scripts for many months to my surprise! With his help and my guidance, we created 2 very powerful budget management scripts for Adwords.

Single Campaign Budget Management Script

The single campaign budget management script can be used to manage budgets for a single campaign.

Multi-campaign Budget Management Script

The multi-campaign budget management script can manage multiple campaigns under one budget and prioritizes spend based on the campaigns that get the highest quantity of conversions.

Benefits of using these scripts?

  • Completely automated budget management solution for Adwords
  • Centralized location to manage and update budgets easily
  • Peace of mind knowing that budgets will not go over this month
  • Run 7 days a week or only on weekdays
  • Spend accelerator or decelerator at beginning or ending of month
  • Allocate spend to the best performing campaigns based on conversions
  • Automatically track how much you're spending per-day
  • Schedule the scripts to run daily, weekly, or another time
  • Give others access to the spreadsheet by sharing it (for NON-paid search peeps... so they don't have to ask you what the current spend is at all the time!)

 How to Setup

The video on this page shows you how to set-up the scripts. The process is essentially this:

  1. Purchase my budget management scripts
  2. Upload a folder to Google Drive
  3. Upload spreadsheet
  4. Copy/paste Adwords script


1. Can I use these scripts on as many accounts and campaigns as I want?

Yes, once you own the scripts, you can use them on any campaigns as you want unrestricted.

2. What do these scripts do?

These scripts update your campaign budgets. There are two scripts in the package - 1 for managing single campaign budgets, 1 for managing multiple campaigns under one budget.

3. How much does it cost?

$24, one-time. When you think about how much time and money is wasted on checking spend levels, a one-time fee of $24 is NOTHING.

4. What are pre-requisites to run these scripts?

Use of Google drive via spreadsheets and access to Adwords scripts within the Adwords interface.  No coding required. If you can enter text into cells, you can use these scripts.

5. Can I use these scripts for multiple users?

Yes. If you work at an agency for example, you can share these scripts / technique with your colleagues. I only ask, out of respect, that you don't share these with others. I spent a considerable amount of time and money developing these scripts and I simply ask that you respect that.

6. Why use these scripts when I can set my daily budget in Adwords?

Many reasons! Some days you have heavy traffic flows, some days you don't.  On the days you don't, you don't spend your daily budget.  Adwords is supposed to adjust but sometimes doesn't or can't. Those who have been in paid search for a while know that you can't rely on Adwords daily campaign budget to spend the full budget consistently each month. Another reason is, some days of the week you want to spend more, some days less.  Although my scripts don't let you specify how to split the budget for each day of the week, they do let you go into an account (say... Monday) and adjust the budget up knowing with complete confidence, the script will change the budget back tomorrow based on the remaining spend.  It really does provide peace of mind!

7. What expertise is needed to use these scripts?

If you can follow the exact steps I show you, you will have the knowledge to implement this powerful skill for any account you have.  It just requires a couple minutes to learn.

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