Adwords Campaign Builder

If you're looking for software to help you build Adwords campaigns, I've tried them all and can tell you that PPC Campaign Generator provides the best Adwords campaign building software value.  By value I mean price versus what you get for your money.  Don't take my word for it though.  I am after all... bias since I am the creator of PPC Campaign Generator.  I have something to gain by telling you it's great.  In reality, I am a very poor salesman.  I don't BS people to make a buck.

Instead, what I challenge you to do is evaluate your options.

I want to build an Adwords campaign.  What are my options?

Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

To have an Adwords campaign professionally built will cost you anywhere from $500 to $1,000.  Many digital marketing agencies charge a 'set-up' fee which is the price to build your PPC campaign.  I have worked at an agency for over 4 years so I know how this works.  What's worse is at some agencies, the person building your campaign might be slightly more qualified than you are!  So, there's no guarantees of the quality.  Furthermore, your strategy and goals might get lost in the translation of the build of the campaign if not communicated properly.

Build the Adwords campaign yourself

I have an entire course on how to build Adwords campaigns using Adwords Editor.  Of course, you don't even need to use Adwords Editor; you could just build your PPC campaign via the Adwords interface.  I am telling you from many years of experience, doing so will cost you so much time and be quite frustrating.  If time and patience is something you have a lot of, maybe this option works for you.  If you're like me that likes using best-practices and getting shit done as fast as possible while maintaining high-quality, then I recommend using Adwords Editor.

Adwords Editor is a free desktop tool for Windows or Mac that you can use to build your Adwords PPC campaign.  If you go this route, you will likely use the Adwords Keyword Planner to find keywords and possibly create ad groups.  I want to caution you strongly here that Keyword Planner will spit out very broad, often times loosely-related keywords that will cost you an arm and a leg to bid on and result in no conversions or sales.  If you have an unlimited budget and just want clicks, go for it.  If you actually want measurable results for your Adwords ad spend, choose keywords cautiously.  The success of any Adwords or Bing Ads campaign starts with keywords.

Building your Adwords campaign by yourself obviously doesn't cost you anything but time.  The time could vary depending on how elaborate of a campaign you need to build, how many products or services you are advertising for, how big your PPC budget is, and so on.

Adwords Campaign Building Software

I've been building PPC software for the past 4 years so I know a thing or two about the products on the market.

Adwords campaign builders available::

  • SpeedPPC - Currently $53.90/Month. I found it hard to use. They do have a cloud version which is a cool concept but I've never used their cloud version.
  • PPC Rockstar - Here you can see pricing.  Their website lacks transparency about what the products actually are. I can't vouch for this tool but give it a shot if you're convinced.
  • Tweedo PPC Tool - Tool is a free online PPC that essentially is a rip-off of SpeedPPC methodology seen by their 'seed' and 'expansion' methodology.
  • PPC Ad Max - $199. Check it out and judge for yourself.
  • iMarketingTool - Free online campaign generator tool.
  • Adwords Campaign Generator v1.1 - Free online PPC campaign generation tool.
  • PPCKeywordToolz - $97. Looks cheesy.  Good features and thought leadership though. Also can create banner text ads which is interesting.
  • PPC Campaign Builder - Again, looks cheesy.$47 so more affordable.  I can't attest to its quality but it is an option.
  • Flash PPC - And again, cheesy. Althesame as any other tool.
  • iSpionage Tool - Pricing starts at $59/month. Tool logic seems useful.
  • Wordstream PPC Campaign Builder - See for yourself.
  • Webphase - I think this is a very old tool.  Free though.
  • PPC Maverick - Another cheesy tool, but free.
  • Adwords Editor - Free, powerful, great tool.

There's a few more out there but these are the main ones available for free and for sale.  After you've tried some or all these free and paid PPC software tools...


... to compare.

Here's why I think PPC Campaign Generator offers the best value over all these other PPC tools.

  1. Affordable, one-time fee. No monthly recurring payments.
  2. Well thought-out step-by-step process that complete beginners can follow.
  3. I still update the tool regularly.
  4. Advanced keyword grouping algorithms.
  5. Easy ad-generation that can utilize DKI.
  6. No previous Adwords experience required.
  7. Full training videos available before you purchase!

Hire a Freelancer

You might consider checking out Fiverr for PPC gigs.  Understand that IF you do find someone to build your campaign, it will likely be low-quality.

You could hire someone from Elance or oDesk.  Adwords qualified PPC professionals are willing to build your paid search campaign for you.  You could also try Trada.

I Can Build Your Adwords Campaign

I can build your Adwords and Bing Ads campaign for you but it will cost you a minimum of $500.  This is lower than what many agencies charge.  I am also VERY selective on who I choose to work with.  I only work with highly motivated individuals and businesses that have clearly defined objectives and clear communication.  I get a lot of people asking me if I will build their campaigns for them.  If you are interested, you can contact me here.  Understand though, PPC is not magic.  It takes time, trial and error, and a solid strategy.