Adwords Editor Training Tutorial #1: Getting Started

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What you will learn:

  • What Adwords Editor is
  • Why Adwords Editor is useful
  • How to download Adwords Editor
  • What to do after you download Adwords Editor
  • How to create a draft account and what its purpose is for
  • How to download your Adwords account into Adwords Editor
  • How to delete accounts from Adwords Editor

This set of video tutorials will show you step by step from start to finish - no matter what your skill level is - how to use the Adwords Editor tool to make changes locally on your computer and upload those changes to Adwords so you can optimize your paid search campaigns.

What is Adwords Editor

AdWords Editor is a free downloadable application for managing your AdWords advertising campaigns.  The concept is simple: you download your account to your computer, make changes to your account, then upload your changes to AdWords.

Why Adwords Editor is useful

In my opinion, the primary reasons are:

  • It's free and extremely power
  • Simple to revert (undo) changes if you make a mistake
  • Store and access multiple accounts quickly
  • Make bulk changes
  • Make advanced bid changes
  • Duplicate entire campaigns using copy/paste
  • Make backups of your account at any point in time
  • Download and analyze performance statistics
  • Import and export data using files or copy/paste
  • Remove duplicate keywords across all your accounts
  • Drag and drop user-friendly ability
  • Saves you a lot of time

I could go on forever here about the benefits because there are so many useful and powerful features that saves advertisers so much time.  If you prefer reading documentation rather than watching videos, you can learn all about Adwords Editor here.

How to download Adwords Editor

Start by downloading Adwords Editor here - Download Adwords Editor.  You can use this desktop application on a Windows or Mac machine the current download version at the time of this writing is 9.0.1.

What to do after you download Adwords Editor

The first thing you see after downloading Adwords Editor is in add/manage accounts form.  You can do 1 of 2 things: you can add (import) your actual Adwords account into Adwords Editor, or you can can add a draft account to begin building out campaign structure.

How to create a draft account and what its purpose is for

A draft account is a rough-draft account that you can use to sketch out ideas for your campaign structure.  A draft account won't upload to your actual Adwords Account.  In other words, it's like a sandbox for paid search marketers to build campaigns in.  The campaigns you build in a draft account can be imported into a real account and be uploaded.

How to download your Adwords account into Adwords Editor

Go up to File > Open  and click the button that says "Add Account".  You will be asked for your Adwords email and password to login.  You then have a choice - download all campaigns (which includes paused campaigns) or download select campaigns from your account.  A really useful feature is that you can click All, None, Active and Paused links to quick-select.  Upon hitting OK, your Adwords campaigns will be downloaded from Adwords into Adwords Editor on your computer.  Pretty cool huh!

How to delete accounts from Adwords Editor

If you want to remove any account (draft or real) all you have to do is go up to Edit > Open Account (or hit CTRL + O), select the account you want to delete (you can use the CTRL key to select multiple accounts at once if needed) and simply click the "Remove Accounts" button.

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