Adwords Editor Training Tutorials 15: Advanced Search

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Learn about Adwords Editor Advanced Search.

Advanced search is awesome!

Imagine you want to look for destination URLs that don't contain http:// and keywords that contain a certain value within specific campaigns or adgroups.  You can do this using Adwords Editor's advanced search.

Or, let's say you have a Brand adgroup and you want to view all keywords that are not in that brand adgroup.  You can use Advanced Search to do this.

Adwords Editor Advanced Search

Think of Advanced Search as a database query.  You are saying "Look for these values in this field and return the results." The great thing is that you can add multiple criteria so you can search where multiple criteria is true.

For example:

Campaign contains x
Adgroup does not contain abc
Keyword contains full word y

The possibilities are endless.

A lot of times, I'll use Advanced Search for the following:

  1. Keyword does not contain - Use this when you've added new keywords to your account and you only want keywords that contain certain values.
  2. Match Type - Sometimes you only want to see which certain keyword match types.  This is easy to do with Advanced search.  Just unselect the match type checkboxes you want to filter out.
  3. Keyword contains full word - I use this ALL the time.  Let's say you have a bunch of negative phrase match keywords you're thinking about adding to your campaign level negative keyword list but you want to see if there is any conflict with the current keywords in your account.  Simply copy your list of negative keywords into Excel, take the negative phrase match type keywords and put them into Adwords Editor's advanced search to find where any keyword contains a full word from your negative keyword list (a phrase).  If there is conflict, you will see which are conflicting and this might make you think twice before adding certain keywords as negatives.
  4. Ad Group does not contain - When you want to filter out ad groups that you don't want to modify.
  5. Campaign does not contain - When you want to ignore certain campaigns.
  6. Uncheck Paused Checkbox - this will show you all active keywords, adgroups and campaigns.  Likewise, you can uncheck Enabled (Active) to only see paused campaigns, adgroups and keywords.  Extremely useful!

These are just a few ways I used Advanced Search within Adwords Editor.  Most of the time I use multiple criteria to filter my view within Adwords Editor.

If you have any questions or need any help with Advanced Search, leave a comment below!

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