Adwords Editor Training Tutorials #3: Update Adwords Editor

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Did you just upgrade to a new version of Adwords Editor?  In this tutorial, I'll show you how to update, backup and load automatic backup files so you don't lose unposted changes you've made to accounts.

What you will learn:

  • How to update Adwords Editor
  • How to backup all your accounts before updating
  • How to download your account
  • How to import an Adwords Editor AEA backup file

How to update Adwords Editor

Whenever there is a new version of Adwords Editor, you will be prompted by a message box within Adwords Editor.  This message box will tell you that there is a new version available for download.  New versions have cool new features so it's highly recommended to update immediately so you can take advantage of these cool new features.

How to backup all your accounts before updating

Always backup your accounts before installing the new version of Adwords Editor.  If you don't, there's a chance that you could lose all your unposted local changes.  It's better to be safe than sorry.

How to download your account

After updating Adwords Editor, the first thing you can do is download an account.  When you download your account, it's downloading straight from the search engine.  You won't see an unposted campaign that you had in the account before you updated.  Don't panic!  Go to the next step.

How to import an Adwords Editor AEA backup file

After downloading your account from Adwords, you can restore your account to its original state by importing a backup file.  Backup files can be in hidden folders.  For more information, you can watch my video on how to find and import AEA automatic backup files.  The video above also shows you how to first show hidden files, folders and drives; then how to navigate to find where the automatic backup files are located on your computer.

Once you know the location of the automatic backup files, you simply go up to File > Import Account Snapshot and navigate to the .aea backup file located in the auto-backup folder.  The accounts are named based on your account ID.  Import your file and your account should show the unposted campaigns you were working on before updating Adwords Editor.


  • The import file cannot be an HTML file; it has to be AEA, AES or CSV file
  • Search for auto-backup on your computer if you are having a hard time finding the file
  • If you chose not to backup before downloading the new version, you might try seeing if you still have the older version of Adwords Editor installed.  If you do, just open that up, export the accounts you want and load the files into the new version.

For further advice from Google, visit How do I Import a Backup File?

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