Adwords Editor Training Tutorials #6: Find Duplicate Keywords

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The Remove Duplicates Keyword tool within Adwords Editor has a lot of useful features for finding and removing duplicate keywords from your campaigns, adgroups and account.

What you will learn:

  • Duplicate keyword options and settings
  • How to find, select and delete duplicate keywords

Duplicate keyword options and settings

Duplicate Keywords Options

  • Strict Word Order - This option means that in order to be considered a duplicate keyword, the individual words within each keyword must match the exact same order as another keyword to be considered a duplicate keyword.
  • Any Word Order - This option means that the words can appear in any order.  Example: replacement windows MN, MN replacement windows, MN windows replacement.  These would all be considered duplicate keywords because the all contain the same words just in different orders.
  • Duplicates Must Have the Same Match Type - This option means in order be considered a duplicate keyword, the match type has to be the same as another keyword.
  • Duplicates Can Have Different Match Types - This option allows you to identify duplicate keywords that have the same match type.  You would select this option if you didn't want the same keyword with multiple match types.
  • Hide Duplicates - Checking these boxes tells Adwords Editor not to look in Ended, Deleted or Paused campaigns and Ad Groups to find duplicate keywords.  This option is very useful when you have paused adgroups and only want to find duplicate keywords within your ACTIVE campaigns and adgroups.

How to find, select and delete duplicate keywords

After you've defined what a duplicate keyword is to you, you can select them within the data view area.  If you have statistics, you can select by Max CPC, Avg. CPC, Avg. CPM, CTR, Impressions, Avg. Pos.

If you have duplicate keywords that are duplicates because of capitalization, you can quickly select duplicate keywords and remove the keywords with or without capitalization.

Perhaps the most useful way to select duplicates is by Order of Appearance.  This feature allows you to select the first, last, all but first, and all but last row for each duplicate keyword found.

Select Duplicate Keywords by

Now you know how to find and remove duplicate keywords within Adwords Editor.

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  1. Toni Voutilainen October 20, 2011 at 11:14 am #

    Yesss, being able to select KWs by order of appearance is a _great_ feature.

    Thanks a lot!


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