Adwords Editor Training Tutorials #8: Keyword Opportunities Tool

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This brief tutorial explains how to use the Keyword Opportunities tool that's built into Adwords Editor.

What you will learn:

  • How to use the keyword expansion tool
  • How to use the keyword multiplier
  • How to NOT use the Search-based Keyword Tool

How to use the Keyword Expansion Tool

This keyword expansion tab is a quick way to get keyword ideas from Google within Adwords Editor.


  • gives you the ability to export to .CSV
  • columns show competition, local monthly searches, global monthly searches, etc.
  • gives you more keywords than Google Adwords Keyword tool
  • has a second search filter you can use to refine the results
  • slower than the Google Adwords Keyword tool

This tool works very similarly to the Adwords keyword tool.

How to use the Keyword Multiplier Tool

The keyword multiplier tool is supposed to be some kind of awesome keyword generator tool that you can use to combine lists of words together to create larger lists of keywords.  Unfortunately, this keyword tool has some significant draw-backs.

  1. The tool excludes generated keywords that have low search volume
  2. The tool doesn't allow you to easily swap keywords around from left-to-right and right-to-left
  3. You can't save keyword lists for later use

PPC Keyword Generator created by OverZone Software is MUCH better for combining and generating lists of keywords together.  I've used this tool for years.  In fact, I love it so much that I incorporated similar functionality with PPC Campaign Generator... with even more useful features.

PPC Keyword Grouper by OverZone Software

How to NOT use the Search-based Keyword Tool

The Search-based keyword tool has been discontinued.  It was a very useful tool in my opinion.  It would allow you to see relevant keywords that weren't in your account.  This saved a lot of time because I usually use Excel's VLOOKUP function to find search queries (now called search terms reports) that I am missing within my current account.

For more information about the Keyword Opportunities tool, visit Google's Keyword Opportunities page for more info.

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