Adwords Editor Training Tutorials #9: Adwords Editor Settings

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Adwords Editor has settings that allow you to set the default behavior of the program.  In this tutorial, I explain the most important settings you should be aware.

What you will learn:

  • Settings on the General tab
  • Settings on the Download Tab
  • Settings on the Default Campaign Settings tab

Settings on the General tab

The general tab contains settings that are pretty straight-forward.  The most useful setting on this tab is the "Hide all deleted and ended items" setting.  This allows you see deleted and ended campaigns, adgroups and ads.  You generally don't care about seeing deleted or ended items so in general, this check box should be checked to hide all deleted and ended items.

Adwords Editor Settings General Tab

Settings on the Download Tab

The settings on the download tab control what Adwords Editor downloads when it gets recent account changes from Adwords.  When you have a huge account with a lot of deleted campaigns, unchecking this box will save you time when downloading recent account changes from Adwords.

You can also prevent Adwords Editor from downloading location extensions, display and PV ads, image ads, and WAP ads by unchecking the boxes seen in the below screenshot.

Adwords Editor Settings Download Tab

Settings on the Default Campaign Settings tab

The most useful setting in my opinion is the Default Campaign Settings tab.  Setting the default settings here doesn't save a ton of time but it is a convenient, nice-to-have feature.  For example, I primarily advertise on the Search Network so I have the Display Network set to None.

Adwords Editor Settings Default Campaign Settings Tab

The settings are all pretty self-explanatory and intuitive so there's not much more detail for me to ramble on about here :)

Visit the Adwords Editor Settings section more information about Adwords Editor Settings.

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