Adwords Editor Version 9.9.0 Now Available for Download

Great news!  The Adwords blog announced Adwords Editor version 9.9 is now available for download!

Ready to download?  Visit:

I had serious slowness issues with Adwords Editor 9.8.1.  I haven't tested 9.9.0 out yet but I can't wait!  So far Adwords blog members are saying it's fast again.  I guess we'll see!

Adwords Editor Version 9.9 Release Notes

Google Display Network settings

Flexible reach: AdWords Editor version 9.9 includes the Display Network updates below.

  • Simplified options at the campaign level: Choose "Enabled" or "Disabled."
  • Greater control at the ad group level: For each ad group, select Display Network reach settings for display keywords, placements, topics, interest and remarketing, gender, and age.

Import/export updates

Network settings in CSV import: Use the new "Networks" column to update your campaign-level Display Network and Search Network settings.

Importing similar ads: Specify your preference for how AdWords Editor should treat imported ads that differ from existing ads only in the URL fields. This change addresses feedback from version 9.8.1.

Updated campaign settings

BlackBerry device targeting: You can now target campaigns to BlackBerry devices, along with Android, iOS, and webOS. On the Campaigns tab, select "Edit" next to Devices.

Search Network options: In the Search Network menu on the Campaigns tab, choose "Google search only," "Include search partners," or "Disabled." This change is text-only and doesn't affect your current campaign settings.

Ad rotation: You can now choose "Rotate indefinitely" in the Ad rotation menu on the Campaigns tab.

Minor updates

Support for ID attribute in product targets: Create product-specific targets using product IDs from a Merchant Center feed.

Keyword Opportunities columns: The new "Monthly searches" column replaces "Global monthly searches" and "Local monthly searches." The "Ad/search share" column now appears only on the Search-based keywords tab.

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2 Responses to “Adwords Editor Version 9.9.0 Now Available for Download”

  1. Jeff November 14, 2012 at 12:43 pm #

    I saw this on the AdWords and thought of you. Hope it solves your problems!

    • Jarad Collier November 14, 2012 at 3:42 pm #

      lol, I hope so too! It does seem fastER but not quite as fast as version 9.7.1. I can deal with that.

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