For Affiliate Marketers

PPC Campaign Generator for PPC Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a a cut-throat industry.  Hundreds of affiliates competing for the top spots in organic search results for keywords that have commercial intent.  Article marketing, content creation, building websites, buying domains, finding niches - it's not easy work.

With PPC advertising, you can get instant traffic to your website, but there are risks:

  1. Advertising Competition continues to increase
  2. Average cost-per-click prices continue to increase
  3. Affiliate commissions may be too low to make a profit
  4. Affiliate programs don't allow you to bid on branded keywords
  5. Oh, and one minor detail... Google hates affiliate marketers

You need an edge if you want to play in this game.  PPC Campaign Generator can help.

What is PPC Campaign Generator

PPC Campaign Generator is software that affiliate marketers can use to perform keyword research, group keywords, assign destination URLs and generate ads.  The program outputs 'code' that affiliate marketers copy and paste into Adwords Editor.  Adwords Editor takes that code and generates your PPC campaign instantly.

If you're an affiliate marketer that's not familiar with Adwords Editor, don't worry because aside from getting the software, you also get a straight-forward course on how to use PPC Campaign Generator with Adwords Editor.

PPC Campaign Generator is currently only available for Windows machines (not Mac).

How PPC Campaign Generator Helps Affiliate Marketers

PPC Campaign Generator helps affiliate marketers by allowing them to rapidly create and test different promotions and offers.  With so many products, services and CPA offers out there, it's hard to know which ones will actually convert until you test.

With any PPC campaign, there are keywords that convert, and keywords that don't.  Probably the biggest benefit of using PPC Campaign Generator for affiliate marketing is the ability to easily append custom tracking variables to each keyword destination URL so you can identify keywords that convert.

I'm New to PPC and I Want to Learn

One of the reasons PPC Campaign Generator was created was to teach beginners paid search.

I've broken PPC marketing down to a few simple steps:

  • Perform keyword research
  • Group your keywords
  • Assign destination URLs
  • Write relevant ads

The PPC Software that I've created streamlines this entire process for you from start-to-finish.  A complete PPC novice can pick up my software and start putting together paid search campaigns in minutes.

The information inside PPC Campaign Generator isn't some rehashed PPC course that you can find on Clickbank or the Warrior Forum.  I've built hundreds of paid search campaigns and managed millions of dollars in ad spend over the years.  I do paid search every day.

I'm sharing all my paid search tips, strategies, techniques and experience with you.