Approved AdWords Paid Search Phishing Ad

Here's something that's kind of freaky.  The ad in position #1 appears to be an example of an ad that fell through the cracks from the approval team.


The display URL is

That's adSwords and gooOgle.

The Ad states:

Adswords Official Website
24x7 Any Time Secure Login Your Account And Manage Your Campaign

You can see the ad is stressing the fact that you can login 24x7 any time through a secure login.  If this were an official ad from Google, they wouldn't be boasting the secure login because that's a given.  Users assume that they will have a secure login if it's a Google product.

I'm convinced that this is a phishing ad... which is kind of freaky to think about.  If that is true, this ad was approved or ran temporarily until the review team shut it down.  In the time it ran, it is possible that someone clicked it and provided their credentials to some unknown assailant.

So my first question is how did this happen?  My second question is, has anyone else out there seen or experienced this?

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