PPC Campaign Generator 2.95 Has Expanded Text Ads

Expanded text ads are here.  I've made an update to PPC Campaign Generator to support this change. Here's a quick change history of what's changed in version 2.95: You can now create expanded text ads in PPC Campaign Generator 2.95 for both Adwords and Bing Ads Adwords should work perfectly Bing Ads is a bit […]

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PPC Campaign Generator 2.94 Update

Probably best to full-screen this video Before Updating Before updating to version 2.94, you need to know that there were many database upgrades made in version 2.94 that will prevent migrating campaigns from 2.93 to 2.94.  If some campaigns are super-important to you, you can export them as a CSV out of 2.93, and then […]

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PPC Campaign Generator Works for Adwords Editor 11

As I'm sure you've heard by now, Adwords Editor version 11 is out and it's a BIG change from previous versions of Adwords Editor. Since PPC Campaign Generator relies on Adwords Editor and Bing Ads Editor, you're probably wondering: Does PPC Campaign Generator work with Adwords Editor 11? The answer is YES. PPC Campaign Generator […]

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Adwords Budget Management Script

Adwords Budget Management Scripts

Managing Adwords budgets can be very time-consuming. If you work at an agency like I do, or manage paid search accounts for clients, you know that with so much going on, it's easy to lose track of where each client's budget is every month. If you've ever gone over-budget, or if you spend a lot […]

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The Future of PPC Marketing

Hi, and welcome.  Questions for you... Are Average CPCs increasing or decreasing? Are you seeing better performance or worse performance with Enhanced Campaigns Are there more or fewer advertisers today than a year ago? These are signs of the coming PPC apocalypse. A question paid search managers should be asking themselves is: What Does the Future […]

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Allowable Characters Field

Small Update to PPC Campaign Generator Available

If you're a current customer of PPC Campaign Generator, you should have received an email Saturday (7/20/2013) informing you that a small update to PPC Campaign Generator is available for download. We added an "Allowable Characters" Field to the Settings tab. In prior version of PPC Campaign Generator, we had a field that showed "Unwanted […]

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Create Keyword Match Types in Adwords Editor

Create Different Keyword Match Types in Adwords Editor

In the above video, you will learn how to create keyword match types in Adwords Editor without copying and pasting data out of Adwords Editor and into Excel. Often times, when Adwords Editor users need to create different instances of keyword match types, they use Excel to perform keyword match type additions in bulk.  There […]

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SumProduct Average Position in Excel

How to Compute Average Position in Excel

To compute average position for Adwords or Bing Ads reports manually, you take (impressions) X (Avg. Position) and sum that, then divide by the sum of impressions. In a cell in Excel, type in =SUMPRODUCT( The SUMPRODUCT formula is asking for 2 inputs from you.  In our situation, we want to highlight two 'arrays'.  Don't let […]

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Dynamic Keyword Insertion DKI Parameter

Bing Ads Quietly Rolls Out DKI Similar to Adwords

What is DKI and How does it Work on Adwords and Bing Ads? I've answered this question from various stakeholders, legal advisors, internal managers, and newbies more times than I can count.  Wrapping your mind around DKI isn't a concept that's easy to understand at first - at least it wasn't for me.  It took […]

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Adwords Phishing Ads

Approved AdWords Paid Search Phishing Ad

Here's something that's kind of freaky.  The ad in position #1 appears to be an example of an ad that fell through the cracks from the approval team. The display URL is adswords.gooogle.com/ That's adSwords and gooOgle. The Ad states: Adswords Official Website adswords.gooogle.com 24x7 Any Time Secure Login Your Account And Manage Your Campaign […]

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