For Business Owners

What PPC Campaign Generator Can Do For Your Business

PPC Campaign Generator teaches business owners how to do paid search so they can do it themselves, save money, and get more customers without hiring an outside agency or employee.

PPC Campaign Generator is a downloadable software that business owners can use to generate PPC campaigns - even if they've never created a PPC campaign before!  The software is compatible with windows machines (sorry Mac users).

Explore Your Paid Search Options

As a business owner, you have four choices when it comes to paid search:

  1. Don't do paid search - lose business, revenue and customers to your competitors
  2. Hire an employee - a full-time online marketing manager will cost you roughly $50,000 per year
  3. Hire an agency - agencies have long-term contracts, commitments, setup fees and monthly management fees and that doesn't guarantee they know what they're doing
  4. Do it yourself - requires some time to learn

Why You Should Manage Your Own Paid Search Campaigns

Small business owner really should manage their own paid search campaigns.  They simply don't know how.

Here's why business owners should manage their own paid search campaigns:

  • no long-term commitments or contracts
  • start driving traffic to your website immediately
  • because you know your product or service better than anyone else does
  • once you learn paid search, you are empowered
  • not sharing your PPC account information with someone else
  • react quickly to change (some agencies are very slow)
  • brand awareness and brand protection
  • The biggest reason: you save money by doing it yourself

But Can You Really Learn Paid Search?

Here's what I know about you.  You are either managing your paid search campaigns now, have somebody else doing it, or you're not not doing it at all.  No matter what your level of experience is, I will teach you everything you need to know to do paid search yourself, and do it well.

If you dedicate a little bit of time to learning how PPC Campaign Generator works and how it integrates with Adwords Editor, these simple skills alone are worth thousands of dollars in the long-term for you.  I literally show you the exact tools that expensive agencies use to create and manage PPC campaigns for very large clients.

Here's What You Get With PPC Campaign Generator

1.  My step-by-step software with video tutorials showing you how to leverage the program for maximum results.
2.  Complete, step-by-step PPC video training course that will teaches business owners how to do paid search from start to finish.  The information in these videos are the exact methods I use to create campaigns for lead-gen, ecommerce, and direct response clients.
3.  Help and support if you need it along the way.

Use my PPC software.  Watch my PPC video training course.  I guarantee that I can teach you or an employee paid search in the shortest amount of time.