Duplicate Adgroups In Adcenter Desktop During Google Import

Is this your problem? -> When I try to import Google campaigns to Bing using .CSV files from Google, the Adcenter Desktop tool is creating duplicate adgroups.

If so, here's how to get around the fact that the Microsoft Adcenter Desktop tool is a piece of crap.  There may be several methods to getting the same results but I'll share one of the ways I know of.

  1. First, determine what adgroups you want to import/transfer to Bing.  These are the adgroups that are currently in Google but not currently in Adcenter.  You can determine this by using an Excel VLOOKUP.  For example, put the list of all Google Adgroups in column A, Bing Adgroups in column D, then have your VLOOKUP in column B, type =VLOOKUP(A2,D:D,1,false).  Wherever you see #N/A, that means those groups are not in the Bing account.
  2. Second, copy all the adgroups with #N/A, go to Adwords Editor, use the Advanced Search, paste the adgroups, select Ad Group Name and Matches Exactly.  Hit Search.  On the Adgroups Tab, select all, right-click, Copy Adgroup Shell, Paste them into Excel.
  3. Three, keep the columns Campaign, Ad Group, Max CPC, Campaign Status, AdGroup Status
  4. Four, save as CSV and import into the Adcenter Desktop tool
  5. Five, hope and pray duplicate adgroups don't get created

Now the problem is, these adgroups are empty.  We need to import the ads and keywords associated with them.

At this point, since the new adgroup instances are created in Adcenter Desktop, you can *try* to import the entire Google Account into Adcenter Desktop but the risk is... it will create duplicate adgroups... which is what we're trying to avoid.

The longer but proven-to-work way to avoid creating duplicate adgroups would be what is described below.


In Adwords Editor, with the custom view of all the adgroups you are trying to import to Bing selected, my advice would be to go to the keywords tab, copy out the keywords into a separate CSV file and import them.

Keep columns: Campaign, Ad Group, Keyword, Keyword Type, Max CPC, Destination URL, Campaign Status, Adgroup Status, and Keyword Status.  If you have modified broad match keywords (keywords with + signs), I would do a find/replace to remove all keywords with a + sign.  I would then insert a column to the right of the keyword column and use Excel’s =TRIM() function to remove blank spaces from the beginning and ending of keywords.

Then I would import those keywords into Bing.


Next, I would scale over negative keywords.  Copy those out of Adwords Editor.  Keep columns: Campaign, Ad Group, Keyword, Keyword Type.


At this point, I would upload the changes to AdCenter.  The reason is, once you import the ads from Google to Bing, you will likely have some clean-up to do.  Since you’ve made it this far in the process, you don’t want to have to do it all over again because of some ‘issues’ with uploading the ads.  Plus, after you upload the new keywords and adgroups, you will probably have errors to fix like “Trying to create a duplicate keyword” error, “Disallowed content” error, etc.  I would clean this up before importing the ads.


Then copy out the ads to a separate CSV and import them.  The columns you need are: Campaign, Ad Group, Headline, Description Line 1, Description Line 2, Display URL, Destination URL, Campaign Status, AdGroup Status, Creative Status, Approval Status.


Doing it in pieces like this helps you avoid duplicate adgroups being created within Adcenter Desktop.

It's such a pain that us PPC marketers need to find round-about ways of uploading paid search campaigns simply because the Adcenter Desktop developers can't seem to program a solid, reliable piece of software.  Microsoft's core competency is software.  After years of failed updates, why can't they seem to get it right.  If I were Microsoft, I would be embarrassed to put my name on the Adcenter Desktop Tool.

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