Excel Keyword Labeler Tool for PPC

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Excel Keyword Labeler Tool


Use this simple, flexible, and scalable Excel keyword labeler tool for categorizing, classifying, grouping and labeling keyword lists.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Excel labeler formula do?

Answer: I have no idea.  An Excel genius by the name of NBVC over at ExcelForum.com created this.

How do I put those squiggly braces around the formula?

Answer: press CTRL + SHIFT +ENTER when the cursor is in the formula bar editing the formula

What is the Excel labeler formula?

Answer: {=IFERROR(INDEX($D$2:$M$2,MIN(IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH(IF($D$3:$M$110="","||"," "&$D$3:$M$110&" ")," "&A3&" ")),COLUMN($D$2:$M$2)-COLUMN($D$2)+1,COUNTA($D$2:$M$2)+1))),"Uncategorized")}

 What part of the formula do I edit if I want to extend the lookup range further down?

In the pasted formula above for example, you would edit the $D$3:$M$110 and change 110 to be some longer range like 500.

If I want to add a new label column, how?

Insert a new empty column anywhere within the range.  Give it a label name.  Then fill out your list of words below the label.

Why is this useful?

When you have a thorough, built-out spreadsheet containing your labels and the words associated to those labels, this tool can be used over and over again to analyze search query reports.  You are essentially creating your own keyword labeling algorithm.  This makes sorting your keywords super-easy rather than having to reinvent the wheel every time using a manual process which is time-consuming.

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