Product Features


Create unlimited accounts using PPC Campaign Generator

#1. Create unlimited accounts within PPC Campaign Generator

Create different accounts within the software to separate different clients or projects.

Create unlimited campaigns

#2. Create, save and delete an unlimited number of campaigns within an account

No limit to the number of accounts you can create and store.  These are campaigns stored on your local computer you can open for later use.

Scrape keywords

#3. Scrape keyword suggestions from Google, Yahoo, Bing and YouTube

Get keyword ideas faster than you ever thought possible.  Select the sources you want and let the program go to work.

Keyword combination list

#4. Generate every keyword combination possible using the keyword combination tool

Built-in keyword combination tool that allows you to create every possible keyword combination imaginable using lists of words.

Keyword combination tool

#5. Create, save, store and load keyword seed lists conveniently within the program

Save, store and load keyword seed lists within the program to use and re-use with other projects.  No need to save text files anymore!

Transfer results to scraper

#6. Transfer keywords back into the scraper to find even more keyword variations

Transfer your keyword list back into the scraper as many times as you want to find popular keywords, modifiers and negatives.

Remove duplicate keywords

#7. Remove duplicate keywords from your keyword lists

With the click of a button, duplicate keywords are removed.  No more exporting your list to Excel and clicking the "Remove Duplicates" button.

Filter search box

#8. Search box filter to quickly identify and delete single negative keywords

Similar to the way the Adwords Editor search box works.  The search box allows you to quickly find and delete unwanted keywords.

Add keywords from external sources

#9. Add keywords from external sources

Do you have a keyword list from the Google Keyword Research Tool?  Great!  Add your keywords to the keyword list then remove duplicates.

Negative keyword filter

#10. Save, store and load common negative keyword lists to filter your main keyword list

Many times, keywords contain years, cities, states, countries, or other words you don't want.  Filter them out quickly with the bulk filter!

Clean keywords

#11. Bulk mass removal of unwanted characters from your keyword list (of your choosing)

Does your keyword list contain a lot of unwanted characters?  Remove all unwanted characters you define with the click of a button.

Analyze keyword density

#12. Keyword density analysis of your keyword list to make grouping your keywords EASY

Analyze the keyword density of your keyword list to determine the best way to group your keywords based on keyword frequency.

Analyze keyword frequency

#13. Options to analyze the keyword frequency from 1 word up to 5 word frequencies

Define how the software analyzes the keyword frequency.  You can look at the density of one, two, three, four and five word combinations.

Click and group keywords

#14. Simple click-and-group functionality using your mouse and/or keyboard shortcuts

Select your keyword groups that make the most sense to you using your mouse and keyboard shortcuts, then click the group button.

Ignore certain groups

#15. Exclude keyword groupings that begin with, end with or contain words you define

For, to, of, a... these are "stop words."  In the software, you can weed out these keyword frequencies for being potential keyword groupings.

Handling singular and plural keyword groups

#16. Option to group singular and plural keywords into the same adgroup

Do you prefer to put singular and plural keywords together?  An option allows you to merge singular and plural keywords into one group.

Groups preview window

#17. Preview window that shows you the keywords to be grouped before you group them

View the keywords before you group them in the Groups Preview window.  This allows you to double-check your work.

Generate keyword match types

#18. Specify keyword match types you want to generate

Do you want the program to generate broad match types only?  How about phrase and Exact only?  How about all three?  It's up to you.

Generate keyword match type bids

#19. Set unique keyword bids based on the keyword match type

Set your bids for a given match type.

Simple destination URL assignment

#20. Advanced yet so easy destination URL assignment

Assign destination URLs to the ads and keywords at the same time.  Mouse and keyboard shortcuts for selecting specific or all groups.

Google Analytics UTM tracking variables

#21. Append Google Analytics UTM tracking variables automatically in seconds

If you manually tag destination URLs, you're going to LOVE this feature!  Click one button and all keywords and URLS have UTM variables.

Append custom tracking variables to destination URLs

#22. Create custom destination URL tracking strings to append to your destination URLs

Don't use Google Analytics?  Append your own unique tracking strings to the destination URLs.

Handling blank spaces

#23. Define how PPC Campaign Generator handles empty spaces within the destination URLs

If your campaign is "widgets campaign", utm_campaign=widgets campaign.  Notice the space?  You define how to handle empty spaces.

Create multiple PPC ad variations

#24. Create multiple ad variations for each adgroup

A good rule of thumb is to split-test at least 2 ad variations.  Generate different ad variations to test within your different adgroups.

Save ad templates

#25. Create, save, store and load ad templates within the program to use over and over again

Now you can save ad templates to re-use on other projects.  This is great for working on different clients in the same industry.

Dynamic variable insertion in ads

#26. Dynamically insert campaign, adgroup and destination URLs into your ads ( it's simple! )

If you're familiar with dynamic keyword insertion, the same principle applies here to generate ad copy that's relevant to each group.

Default text values

#27. Provide default text if the dynamically inserted values end up exceeding the ad limits

When your campaign generates, sometimes the ad copy will exceed the allowed limits.  When this happens, you can set default text to be used instead.

Copy to New Ad

#28. Copy current ads to new ads to create subtle ad variations for testing

No need to re-type the ad you just wrote.  Just click the "Copy to New Ad" button and make your new ad variation.

Generate Campaign

#29. Clicking one button generates your entire campaign or individual adgroups of your choosing

Once you have your keywords grouped and your ad text written, you click one button and the Adwords campaign code will be generated for you.

Adwords Editor Icon

#30. Simple copy/paste Adwords integration with Adwords Editor ( I show you how! )

Paste the code into Adwords Editor, double-check your work, make your final tweaks and upload to Google.  It couldn't be any easier.