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The next time you need to evaluate your search query reports, consider using PPC Campaign Generator.

The concept is pretty simple.

  1. Download your search query report from Google or Bing for a given time period
  2. Create a new campaign within PPC Campaign Generator
  3. Go to the Grouper tab
  4. Click the "Add" button
  5. Paste the raw search query list into PPC Campaign Generator
  6. Hit the "Clean" button to remove unwanted characters (Found in Settings)
  7. Hit the "Remove Duplicates" button
  8. Select F1 in the settings
  9. Hit "Analyze" to analyze the keyword density of one-word phrases
  10. Scroll through the list looking for keywords that should be negatives
  11. When you find a one-word phrase, right click, Select "Negative"

All keywords that contain the one-word negative phrase will be deleted from your main keyword list.  The negative keyphrase will be added to the filter box within the program.

You can use the CTRL key on your keyboard to select multiple cells at once.  With multiple cells selected, you can right-click and select Negative to identify multiple negative keywords in bulk.

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