Generate PPC Campaigns Using Adwords Editor and Excel

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Want to generate PPC campaigns using Adwords Editor and Excel?

Some paid search engine marketers like to isolate high-volume, high-cost keywords by putting each keyword into its own adgroup.

One Keyword per Adgroup

One benefit of structuring a campaign this way is that you can view your keywords from the Ad Groups tab and sort by conversions to see which keywords convert, and which ones don't.

Another benefit is that you can write specific ad copy for each keyword.  Since each keyword is in its own adgroup, you can write specific ads tailored to each keyword to make them as relevant as possible to the query.  The concept behind this is, if your ad contains compelling ad text and uses your keyword in the ad text, the ad will be bold, stand out, and get more clicks than your competitors.

The downside to structuring your campaign this way is that it can be a lot to manage.  If you have a lot of keywords, you will also have a lot of adgroups.  For this reason, I would advise that you use this technique using the 80/20 rule.

I'm sure you've heard of the 80/20 rule - 80% of your results will come from 20% of your keywords.  The truth is that the majority of your results comes from a handful of keywords and it's probably even less than 20%.  It depends on how large or small your keyword list is but the point is to focus on keywords that are important to your business.

How do you identify important keywords?

I would export Adwords keyword performance for all-time.  I would then use Excel to sort by impressions, clicks, costs, and conversions if available.  Each time you sort by each metric, copy the top 100 keywords into tab2.

For example:

  1. Sort by impressions, copy the top 100, paste into tab 2.
  2. Sort by clicks, copy the top 100, paste into tab 2.
  3. Sort by cost, copy the top 100, paste into tab 2.
  4. Sort by conversions, copy the top 100, paste into tab 2.
  5. Use Excel to remove duplicate keywords

Presto!  You now have a list of keywords that have been important to your business historically.  You might consider breaking these keywords out into their own adgroups to focus on writing ad copy tailored to these specific keywords.

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