Google Adwords Modified Broad Match Made Easy

A common question I get asked is:

Can Keyword Grouper or PPC Campaign Generator create modified broad match-type keywords?

The short answer is not right now.

BUT, let me show you how to add broad match modifier (or... broadified as I like to call it) to every keyword.  It's real simple.

The two simplest methods I know of to add broad match modifiers to your keywords are:

Adwords Editor

  1. Go to the keywords tab.
  2. Select all keywords you want to add modified broad match to.
  3. Hit CTRL + H and FIND a space " ", replace with " +" (without the quotes).  That will find and replace every blank space with a blank space then plus sign immediately after.
  4. Now hit CTRL + SHIFT + H to append a + in front of the first word of every selected keyword.

Seriously, that's it.  You're done.

Excel Formula

  1. In Excel, put your keywords in one column.
  2. Put this formula next to it: ="+"&SUBSTITUTE(A1," "," +")

This Excel formula adds a + sign to the front of the referenced cell and also substitutes a " +" to every " ".

The Results

+modified +broad +match
+modified +broad +match
+modified +broad
+modified +broad +match +tool
+adwords +modified +broad +match
+broad +match +modified
+google +modified +broad +match
+modified +broad +match +adwords

Have any questions?  Let me know by leaving your comment below!

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