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Looking for a PPC Campaign Builder tool or software?  Allow me to cut to the chase and tell you what you need to know.

SpeedPPC is likely to most well-known.  It has a desktop version and a cloud-based version.  It's also what I consider high-priced and has a monthly fee which I hate.  On top of the monthly fee, it was confusing to use with terminology like dual core and single core.  It also didn't group keywords the way I had hoped - much too granular.  This is just my opinion though and I am clearly bias being the creator of PPC Campaign Generator software.

Another PPC campaign builder is AdGrenade.  This tool is no longer available though for whatever reason.  I felt this tool was pretty great but it was limited in what it could do.  In fact, the only thing you could do is build campaigns where each keyword was in its own ad group.  This isn't hard to do in Excel though as demonstrated here in this 'how to build ppc campaigns with Excel' video.  I thought this software was pretty great though at the time.

Some people use Wordstream's campaign builder.  They offer a free 7-day trial so feel free to check it out.  When I was using it, I felt very boxed in in terms of what I could do using their online step-by-step wizard.  Wordstream is well-respected though and their online tools are worth checking out.

iSpionage has a campaign building tool that you can use if you are a member.  I've never used it before personally but it looks pretty decent.

Adwords Editor is probably the best way to build PPC Campaigns but it requires a learning curve.  I created an entire video course showing complete newbies how to build paid search campaigns from scratch using Adwords Editor here.  Adwords Editor is industrial-strength and extremely well-designed.  It can handle building campaigns with hundreds of thousands of keywords in it.  It's also a great tool for organizing word lists into groups in general!

There's a free online tool for building campaigns called AppSpot PPC Campaign Builder.  There's also software like FlashPPC.

If you understand how a campaign is structured (campaigns, ad groups, keywords, criterion type, etc.) then you can easily build your paid search campaign structure in Excel.  It's not the most user-friendly to do but it can be done.  You basically first decide what you want the campaign to be called.  That goes in Column A with the heading "Campaign".  In Column B, this is where the 'Ad Group"s column goes and you will essentially group your keywords and assign names to these groups in this column.  Then column C 'Keywords' is where your keywords column is.  You can essentially use Excel's filter feature but this would take so ridiculously long that I wouldn't wish this upon anyone.  You can always use my Keyword Grouper tool or my free Excel Density tool to get an idea of what your keyword list looks like though.

Other free online campaign building tools are not so great so are not really worth mentioning.

You can find more PPC software and tools here: http://ppccampaigngenerator.com/ppc-software-and-tools

If you want a PPC campaign builder that's intuitive, easy-to-use, doesn't have monthly fees, and allows you to build your campaigns from scratch, I encourage you to check out PPC Campaign Generator.  This software allows you to build paid search campaigns using a step-by-step process from start to finish.

Using PPC Campaign Generator, you build your campaign in 4 steps:

  1. Keyword Research - the software lets you build your keyword list
  2. Group Keywords - the software has 3 methods for grouping your keywords into themes
  3. Write Ads - the software lets you write ads for each ad group
  4. Generate Campaign - the software generates your campaign

Check out PPC Campaign Generator demo to learn more!

Know of any PPC Building tools or software that I missed?  Let me know!

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