PPC Campaign Generator 2.95 Has Expanded Text Ads

Expanded text ads are here.  I've made an update to PPC Campaign Generator to support this change.

Here's a quick change history of what's changed in version 2.95:

  • You can now create expanded text ads in PPC Campaign Generator 2.95 for both Adwords and Bing Ads
    • Adwords should work perfectly
    • Bing Ads is a bit tricky because I had to guess what the column headers will be since this feature isn't out yet from Bing Ads.  If you stay up-to-date with Bing Ads, you know that they pretty much just copy everything that Adwords does (for several reasons which actually make our lives as marketers easier!).  If you want to learn more about Bing Ads expanded text ads, visit here and here.
  • Since expanded text ads have two headlines, there needed to be a way within PPC Campaign Generator to allow you to apply dynamic keyword insertion.  Now, when you want to wrap headline 1 or headline 2 with {KeyWord: }, you need to click inside the headline field and then click the button.
  • I updated and fixed a bug that occurred when you tried to import campaigns using the import feature in the ribbon.  The new ads columns should now be detectable.  If you have headings that differ from a standard name, you can always specify what column they should map to on-import.  Just click the heading when it shows you a preview and select the radio button that the column is supposed to map to.
  • I updated most (if not all areas) to say "Final URL" instead of "Destination URL"

Look for an email soon from me.  I'm sending the email out right after I post this.  If you're a current customer and want the updated version, contact me and let me know your license key, or date you purchased or any other way so I can identify you as a customer in my system!

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