PPC Campaign Generator Version 2.93 Update is Now Available

Hi all current PPC Campaign Generator customers.  I'm extremely happy to announce that a new version of PPC Campaign Generator (version 2.93) is now available to download for current customers.

To all my current customers I just want to say thanks for putting your trust in me and purchasing my software - especially those of you that bought PPC Campaign Generator when it first came out!

When I started building this software, my goal has always been to make the best damn PPC campaign building generation tool that was simple enough to use for beginners, but powerful enough for advanced users and agencies.

With this latest version, I feel I'm getting closer to achieving that objective.

This update fixes most known bugs and annoyances you had with version 2.92.

Not a current user of PPC Campaign Generator? Buy it here!

I bought PPC Campaign Generator in the past.  Where can I download version 2.93?

I sent an email to customers with download instructions.  If you did not receive an email, contact me and we'll get it sorted out.  Things I will want to know are the email address you used to pay with, the Paypal transaction ID, the date of when you purchased so I can look it up, etc.

Changes in Version 2.93

Code Signing completed - we bit the bullet to sign our code so you know our software is legitimate and trustworthy.

Updated the installer

Upgraded the PPC Campaign Installer

Added ribbon across the top of the program to make navigation easier

PPC Campaign Generator Ribbon Upgrade

Added 'Clean Up Campaign' button in the ribbon.  When this button is clicked, it will consolidate and/or remove any potentially duplicated ad groups or keywords.

Clean Up Campaign Functionality

By default, we embedded a 'Default' account.  This default account can't be deleted.  Any new campaigns started where an account wasn't specified will go into this 'Default' account.  You can still create different accounts.  This Default account exists when you just want to start building a campaign and don't want to create and account or campaign first.

Default Campaign Added

Added a count in the bottom-left of the program

Count in Bottom-left of Software

Updated the keyword suggestion tool

Keyword Suggestion Tool

Added functionality that removes unwanted characters automatically (normalizes the keyword data).  The only non-alphanumeric character allowed is an apostrophe.  Here's more information on keyword normalization from Bing.  Here's more information about keyword normalization from Google.  Scroll down to the section on "How symbols and search operators work with keywords".

Keyword Normalization

You can now begin creating campaigns without selecting an account or creating a campaign first.  Just start getting keywords and press the 'Add to Main Keyword List' button.

Begin Building Campaigns without Creating an Account

Fixed a bug that prevented the Max CPC bids to be retroactively changed once the keywords were generated.  Now, after you generate the campaign, you can change the bids within the settings and then re-generate the campaign and all the keywords will have new bids for each match type.

Bids can now be regenerated

Fixed the tree navigation - complete overhaul to behave more like Adwords Editor

Campaign Tree Redesigned

Enhanced the usability of the Grouper tab.  It's so much faster now.  The Groups Preview screen is now limited to a max of 100 keywords to display for further enhance speed and usability.

Optimized Analyze Keyword Frequency and Keyword Grouping

When you use the automatic keyword grouper, all keywords that get classified in the *SORT group will not be grouped into an ad group called *SORT anymore.  Instead, all keywords will REMAIN in the main keyword list area after running the keyword grouper finishes.  This way, you can use the "Analyze" button on the Grouper tab to decide what you want to do with the left-over remaining keywords.

SORT Group Keywords Go to Main Keyword List

Change campaign names now within the campaign tree by double-clicking the campaign tree item.  Previous versions didn't allow changing the campaign name.

Change Campaign Name in the Campaign Tree

If the program throws an error screen, you can now write a brief description of what you were doing at the time (will help us fix it faster!) and your email address (optional) and the error will ACTUALLY be sent to us.  In previous versions, the errors weren't actually sent anywhere.

Updated Error Report Form

Added an 'UNDO' feature on the Groups tab.  If you click the undo icon for an ad group, it will remove all keywords within that ad group and place them on the Grouper tab in the main keyword list box.  If you click the top-most Undo icon, it will undo ALL ad groups and place all keywords in the main keyword list area.  This is helpful for example if you were to import your campaign, then undo all ad groups and restructure your entire campaign.

Undo Created Ad Groups

Improved the drag-and-drop functionality significantly.  Drag keywords into ad groups in the campaign tree.  Drag ad groups into the campaign tree to combine groups together.

Drag and Drop Functionality Improved

Added three filter boxes to the Groups tab.  Just think about Adwords Editor's advanced search box.  Now imagine you don't have to click that to access the filter boxes.  There's now some major filtering power.  Try it out by going to the Keywords tab and applying a few filters.  You can then drag and drop the filtered keywords into ad groups within the campaign tree.  One very handy feature that Adwords Editor doesn't have is a 'DoesNotContainFullWord' filter which means it will filter out phrases instead of just strings.

Filter Boxes Added to Groups Tab

Updated the way ads are generated.  Now you can generate ads for each ad group and can modify ads for each ad group.  The entire ads tab has been completely re-done.

Ads Tab Redesign

Major overhaul of the previous import campaign feature.  Now you can import multiple campaigns at one time.  You can import by file OR by copying/pasting text.  The program will identify the columns for you (you don't have to remember the column headers like in version 2.92).

Import Campaign from Text or File

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  1. Nic Windley May 9, 2013 at 4:37 pm #

    Can you tell me if your software supports exporting campaigns to Bing Ads Editor as well as Google Adwords Editor ?

    • Jarad Collier May 10, 2013 at 3:29 am #

      This feature has been requested by others and will be in the next updated version. I can't say for certain when that will be though.

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