PPC Campaign Generator Works for Adwords Editor 11

As I'm sure you've heard by now, Adwords Editor version 11 is out and it's a BIG change from previous versions of Adwords Editor.

Since PPC Campaign Generator relies on Adwords Editor and Bing Ads Editor, you're probably wondering:

Does PPC Campaign Generator work with Adwords Editor 11?

The answer is YES.

PPC Campaign Generator helps you build the CORE elements of your campaign.  By CORE elements, I'm talking about the basic structure of any campaign: Campaigns, Ad Groups, Keywords, Match Types, CPC Bids, Ad Copy, URLs.  If you have these elements in place, you can build your paid search campaign and import it into Adwords or Bing Ads.

That's why people from all over the world buy PPC Campaign Generator every day.  It approaches PPC as a simple workflow from first getting your keywords, to grouping them, to writing ads and finally generating your campaign.  It doesn't have complex or confusing features like Product Listing Ads, image ads (or much of any display advertising features except contextual targeting), sitelinks, etc.  If you want those features, you're better off using Adwords Editor to create them or the interface.

For $47, I think it delivers a lot of value and I hope the people that buy it feel the same.

You haven't posted in a while, where have you been?

I've been building the most advanced PPC campaign building algorithm ever!

One of the drawbacks of PPC Campaign Generator or my stand-alone version of Keyword Grouper is that the end-user has to push a lot of buttons and learn the nuances of the program in order to use it.  I feel, it should be easier.  My new algorithm takes all the inputs up-front like keywords, ad copy, geotargeting and does a bunch of natural language processing stuff to produce a campaign bulk sheet that can be easily uploaded into Adwords Editor or Bing Ads Editor.  My new algorithm actually does a lot more than that but I don't want to let the cat out of the bag.

Another drawback of PPC Campaign Generator or Keyword Grouper is that quite frankly too slow if you're trying to analyze anything over 20,000 keywords.  I work at a digital marketing agency so I deal with clients that need to bid on anywhere from 20,000 - 400,000+ keywords.  For this type of build-out, you need an industrial-strength program that has massive throughput and produces high-quality output.

When will I release this bigger, better product?  I don't have a launch-date yet but when I do, I'll send out an email to my list of customers letting them know.

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