PPC Campaign Training

If you are interested in acquiring PPC campaign training, the first place I'd start is by studying for the Adwords certification exam.  First, start out by joining the Google Certification Program.  After joining, your status will say:

Your Status

You have not yet met the criteria to be individually qualified.You can become individually qualified by passing exams in different topic areas.

To become individually qualified you must:

  • Take the Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam
  • Take one or more Advanced Advertising Exam

PPC Campaign Training

The box highlighted red above is what you need to study for to pass the Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam.  After that, you just need to pass EITHER the Search Advanced test or the Display Advanced test and then you are considered Adwords Qualified.

Bing Ads also has an accreditation program but everyone knows it's a joke.  If you know me, you know I despise everything about Bing Ads.  However, since Google and Bing are not entirely the same, I would recommend reviewing through their little training course.  If you pass their course, you could call yourself a Bing Ads Accredited Professional.  Doesn't that sound special!

Like it or not, Google has the majority of the traffic.  Focus your efforts on learning the top search engine first because this is where it matters most.  The Bing Ads platform is so bad, you will be extremely frustrated even when you know what you are doing.  Just look at all the suggestions that Bing Ads gets from advertisers crying out for change.

I would also advise that people take the time to go through all the learning first before launching your first PPC campaign.  If you visit the Adwords forums, you will find many instances of new advertisers asking why their accounts were banned.  Once your account is banned, it's very hard to over-turn as Google will not discuss with you why you were banned.  You will essentially be shunned / exiled and ignored.

Where else can you get PPC campaign training?

  1. Subscribe to the Adwords Blog
  2. Join the Adwords Community forum (I swear, some of the top contributors never sleep and are on the forum 24/7)
  3. Subscribe to the PPC Hero Blog
  4. Subscribe to anything Brad Geddes does including his Certified Knowledge blog
  5. Subscribe to Search Engine Watch
  6. If you want to learn Adwords Editor, I made an Adwords Editor course
  7. Subscribe to Wordstream
  8. Attend an SMX Advanced AdWords Workshop
  9. Buy my software (Hey, let's be real... that's why I'm writing this post)

Really, the only way to get good at something is to focus on it, let it consume you, let it become a part of you, think about it all the time, constantly be curious, eager and develop that passion to build on what you know.  Paid search is not for everyone.  It requires analytical skills, curiosity, creativity, attention to detail, accountability and tolerance.

Are you just starting out in paid search?

Drop me a question below and I'll be happy to help.

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