For PPC Managers

PPC Campaign Generator for PPC Marketing Managers

Paid Search Specialist, Digital Marketing Manager, Online Marketing Manager, Interactive Marketing Manager... no matter what your official title is, you are responsible for managing online marketing initiatives for your company.

I've been there.  I've walked in your shoes.

When I worked for a corporation, I managed social media, email marketing, paid search, website development, SEO, comparison shopping portal feeds, affiliate programs, and everything in between.

Since you do it all, your biggest obstacle is time.

What PPC Campaign Generator Does

PPC Campaign Generator software performs keyword research, groups your keywords, assign destination URLs, generates ads and outputs code that you copy and paste into Adwords Editor.  At that point, your campaign will be created and you will have saved hours of time.

For those PPC Marketing Managers out there that are unfamiliar with Adwords Editor, I've put together a simple, easy-to-follow video course.  The PPC video course is short, concise and will turn you into a PPC master very quickly.

Why PPC Campaign Generator is a Must-have

PPC Campaign Generator is a must-have for managers that are constantly launching new campaigns.  It's also a must-have for managers that want a simple, step-by-step approach for creating campaign structures that search engines like and reward you for.

Now, whenever your boss tells you they want you to build a new campaign around such-and-such promotion, you won't have to set aside huge blocks of time out of your day.  You also won't have the headache that comes with grouping keywords.