Product Overview

What is PPC Campaign Generator?

PPC Campaign Generator is a downloadable software application that business owners, search engine marketers, agencies and affiliate marketers use to generate PPC campaigns fast and efficiently.  At the moment, PPC Campaign Generator is only compatible with the Windows platform.

How PPC Campaign Generator Works

Creating paid search campaigns can be broken down into the following steps:

  1. Perform keyword research
  2. Group your keywords
  3. Assign destination URLs
  4. Write ads for your groups
See features just for you:

Perform keyword research

Performing keyword research is a must for PPC marketers.  With PPC Campaign Generator, you can perform keyword research quickly and easily.  Two tools are built-in that allow you to generate hundreds, even thousands of keywords.

  1. The Combination Tool - you can swap lists of keywords around to create many different combinations.  You can also save lists within the program for easy access to re-use them whenever you want.
  2. The Keyword Scraper - allows you to scrape keyword suggestions from Google, Yahoo, Bing and YouTube

Together, these two very powerful tools are all you need to build a massive keyword lists.

Group your keywords

Probably the most powerful feature of PPC Campaign generator is its ability to group keywords.  It groups keywords by analyzing the density of your keyword list.  Within the settings, you can tell the program not to show you groups that begin with, end with or contain certain words.

PPC Campaign Generator Settings

Another powerful feature is the ability to merge singular and plural groups into a single adgroup.  This feature is extremely useful if you want to minimize  the amount of adgroups you have within a campaign.

Keyword Grouping Features

  • Analyze the keyword density from 1 word to 5 word frequencies
  • Remove groups that begin with, end with or contain certain words
  • Merge singular keywords with plural keywords for fewer adgroups making the campaign easier to manage
  • Ability to see the keywords before you group them
    Keyword grouper groups preview window
  • Flexibility to generate broad, phrase and exact match types with different bids for each match type

Assign Destination URLs

You can assign ad-level destination URLs and keyword-level destination URLs in one simple screen.  With PPC Campaign Generator you can eliminate the need to concatenate destination URL parameters in Excel!  Instead, you simply assign the destination URLs to each of your adgroups, and all the keywords within those groups inherit the adgroup-level destination URL.

If you use Google analytics or other custom tracking variables, you can append UTM variables or other values to the end of your destination URLs.

Campaign, adgroup and keyword values can be inserted into the destination URLs dynamically when you generate the campaign.

Write ads for your groups

PPC Campaign Generator Ad ExampleFeatures

  • Dynamically insert campaign variables into the ads thereby making the ads highly relevant to each adgroup
  • Ability to add default text so if the dynamically inserted values causes the ad character restrictions to be exceeded, the default values will be used
  • Save your favorite ad templates to re-use over and over again
  • If dynamic keyword insertion confuses you, don't worry!  By clicking the box icons, you can easily specify which parameter to put in the ad and specify the default text in an easy-to-use interface.