For SEM Agencies

PPC Campaign Generator Was Built for SEM Agencies

You work as a Search Engine Marketer at an interactive marketing agency.  Your day-to-day activities consist of setting up and managing paid search campaigns for clients.  You perform keyword research, group keywords, write ad copy and manage bids.

When new prospective clients comes on-board, it's your job to audit their PPC account, determine what they are doing right and wrong, and come up with a paid search strategy.  If the client likes your sales pitch, your agency wins the business.

What is PPC Campaign Generator

PPC Campaign Generator is software that SEMs use to perform keyword research, group keywords, assign destination URLs and generate ads.  The program outputs 'code' that SEMs copy and paste into Adwords Editor.  Adwords Editor takes that code and generates your PPC campaign instantly.

If you're an SEM that's not familiar with Adwords Editor, don't worry because aside from getting the software, you also get a straight-forward course on how to use PPC Campaign Generator with Adwords Editor.

PPC Campaign Generator is currently only available for Windows machines (not Mac).

How PPC Campaign Generator Helps SEM Agencies

PPC Campaign Generator streamlines the entire PPC campaign creation process.

Search Engine Marketers are able to build out PPC campaigns in half the normal time allowing the SEM agencies to go out and find more clients.

How PPC Campaign Generator Helps SEMs

Performing keyword research, grouping keywords and writing ads takes a lot of time.

PPC Campaign Generator will help you generate paid search campaigns that the search engines reward you for.  Best of all, it will help you do it in half the normal time without the headache.  This is because PPC Campaign Generator was created BY a Search Engine Marketer FOR Search Engine Marketers.

In simple terms, the software allows you to logically generate PPC campaigns using a step-by-step process that has been perfected over many years of creating PPC campaigns manually.

From one SEM to another, download the software, learn how to use it, and make your job easier.