Small Update to PPC Campaign Generator Available

If you're a current customer of PPC Campaign Generator, you should have received an email Saturday (7/20/2013) informing you that a small update to PPC Campaign Generator is available for download.

We added an "Allowable Characters" Field to the Settings tab.

Allowable Characters Field

In prior version of PPC Campaign Generator, we had a field that showed "Unwanted Characters" and you as the user could define all the characters you did not want appearing in the keyword lists you generated.

We then thought, let's remove that and only allow apostrophe characters to be allowed (customer backlash - rightfully so!).

Now, we are saying "Tell me the characters you DO want!"  In the example above, we would be able to input any non-letter non-number character that we want to allow to appear in the keyword lists we generate.

This feature is small but powerful especially considering you can use asterisks (*) to generate many different keywords from very few seed terms.

So, use the keyword combination tool to append asterisks to your seed terms and transfer to the keyword suggestion tool to find hundreds of keyword ideas!

Have questions? Drop a comment below.

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