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PPC Campaign Basics for Beginners

Let's get right to it.  PPC campaign basics that complete beginners need to know before wasting a bunch of money on Adwords or Bing Ads. Separate your PPC campaigns by network. Never advertise on both the search network and display network in one campaign.  The campaign numbers will deceive you and be harder to analyze. […]

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Old Adcenter Advanced Search

Adcenter Desktop Advanced Search Update

FINALLY!  Adcenter developers updated the advanced search functionality within Adcenter Desktop tool. I can't tell you how long I've waited for this update. Here's a look at what the advanced search looked like before the update: You know, that piece of crap pop-up/pop-down filter thing?  Quite possibly the worst, most poorly thought-out part of ANY […]

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Adcenter Character Limits Now 71 Characters

I opened up Adcenter Desktop today and was surprised to see that Adcenter character limits on ads have been increased from 70 characters in the ad text to 71 characters! The new Adcenter character limits are: Ad Title (headline): 25 Characters Ad Text (Line 1 & Line 2): 71 Characters Display URL: 35 Characters Destination […]

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Adcenter Sucks

Duplicate Adgroups In Adcenter Desktop During Google Import

Is this your problem? -> When I try to import Google campaigns to Bing using .CSV files from Google, the Adcenter Desktop tool is creating duplicate adgroups. If so, here's how to get around the fact that the Microsoft Adcenter Desktop tool is a piece of crap.  There may be several methods to getting the […]

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