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Allowable Characters Field

Small Update to PPC Campaign Generator Available

If you're a current customer of PPC Campaign Generator, you should have received an email Saturday (7/20/2013) informing you that a small update to PPC Campaign Generator is available for download. We added an "Allowable Characters" Field to the Settings tab. In prior version of PPC Campaign Generator, we had a field that showed "Unwanted […]

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PPC Campaign Builder Software

Looking for a PPC Campaign Builder tool or software?  Allow me to cut to the chase and tell you what you need to know. SpeedPPC is likely to most well-known.  It has a desktop version and a cloud-based version.  It's also what I consider high-priced and has a monthly fee which I hate.  On top […]

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Download PPC Campaign Generator 2.93

PPC Campaign Generator Version 2.93 Update is Now Available

Hi all current PPC Campaign Generator customers.  I'm extremely happy to announce that a new version of PPC Campaign Generator (version 2.93) is now available to download for current customers. To all my current customers I just want to say thanks for putting your trust in me and purchasing my software - especially those of […]

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PPC Campaign Training

PPC Campaign Training

If you are interested in acquiring PPC campaign training, the first place I'd start is by studying for the Adwords certification exam.  First, start out by joining the Google Certification Program.  After joining, your status will say: Your Status You have not yet met the criteria to be individually qualified.You can become individually qualified by […]

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PPC Campaign Structure

How to Structure a PPC Campaign

What is the best way to structure a PPC campaign?  Said another way, what is the best way to organize your PPC account?  Here are a few tips that may help you decide on a PPC structure. From Around the Web Organize your campaigns by topic (Adwords Help) Create separate campaigns for each of your product […]

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