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Build Successful PPC Campaigns

Build Successful PPC Campaigns

The most successful PPC campaigns are built using PPC tools, knowledge, know-how, and are constantly managed and optimized over time. I am a strong believer that building PPC campaigns right the first time will save you money and hours of optimization time down the road. Don't just set out aimlessly building your campaign.  Have a […]

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How to Track PPC Campaigns

  Track your PPC campaigns.  This post is written for the complete PPC beginner trying to learn what PPC tracking is and why it's important.  Hopefully you already have some kind of website analytics package set up.  If you don't, I'd recommend you set up Google Analytics first before setting up PPC tracking.  What is […]

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How do Pay-per-click Campaigns Work.

How Does a PPC Campaign Work?

Before people even consider starting a PPC campaign on Google, Bing or Yahoo, they usually want to first know how pay-per-click campaigns work. The phrase 'Pay-Per-Click' has a few acronyms you should be aware of.  Whenever anyone says "Pay-per-click" (PPC) or "Cost-per-click" (CPC), they are referring to an advertising model that major search engines use […]

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Anatomy of a PPC Campaign

The anatomy of a PPC campaign can be hard to understand for beginners starting out in paid search.  In my opinion, it's easier to understand the anatomy of a paid search structure using visuals! Account Level The highest top-level layer is the account-level layer.  On the account level, administrative settings can be set such as: […]

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PPC Campaign Advertising

PPC Advertising Campaigns

PPC advertising campaigns are used by businesses and consumers to drive online traffic to their website.  An advertiser usually has one account.  Within this account, he or she can have many campaigns.  If you drill into a single campaign, you can potentially see many groups known as 'ad groups'.  If you drill into an ad group […]

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