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21 Reasons NOT to Choose DoubleClick for Bid Management

If you are considering DoubleClick Search as your bid management platform, here are 21 reasons to think hard about before signing that contract with DoubleClick.  These 21 reasons are from hands-on experience after struggling with DoubleClick's lack of features, slowness, and inefficiencies.  If I had to sum up my experience with DoubleClick as a bid […]

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Google DoubleClick Double-standard

Google Breaks Their Own Rules – The Google DoubleClick Double-standard

Google has a double-standard when it comes to them and everybody else that advertises using Adwords.  Any ad position Google wants to advertise in to promote their products and services, they can have.  Some might say "It's their advertising platform, they can do what they want."  Others might say "It's not right." So what's the […]

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