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Adwords Editor Version 9.9.0 Now Available for Download

Great news!  The Adwords blog announced Adwords Editor version 9.9 is now available for download! Ready to download?  Visit: http://www.google.com/intl/en/adwordseditor/index.html I had serious slowness issues with Adwords Editor 9.8.1.  I haven't tested 9.9.0 out yet but I can't wait!  So far Adwords blog members are saying it's fast again.  I guess we'll see! Adwords Editor Version […]

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Download Adwords Editor version 9.7.1

Downgrade to Adwords Editor Version 9.7.1

UPDATE: Adwords Editor Version 9.7.1 (the best version ever created) has been retired by Google. 12/4/2012 I recently updated from Adwords Editor version 9.7.1 to Adwords Editor 9.8.1 . After using Adwords Editor version 9.8.1, I noticed a SIGNIFICANT difference in performance and usability.  Adwords Editor 9.8.1 is VERY SLOW, not a stable, and reliable. […]

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