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Create Keyword Match Types in Adwords Editor

Create Different Keyword Match Types in Adwords Editor

In the above video, you will learn how to create keyword match types in Adwords Editor without copying and pasting data out of Adwords Editor and into Excel. Often times, when Adwords Editor users need to create different instances of keyword match types, they use Excel to perform keyword match type additions in bulk.  There […]

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SumProduct Average Position in Excel

How to Compute Average Position in Excel

To compute average position for Adwords or Bing Ads reports manually, you take (impressions) X (Avg. Position) and sum that, then divide by the sum of impressions. In a cell in Excel, type in =SUMPRODUCT( The SUMPRODUCT formula is asking for 2 inputs from you.  In our situation, we want to highlight two 'arrays'.  Don't let […]

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Negative Keyword Tool for Excel

Free Excel Negative Keyword Tool

This is the new and improved version of my initial Excel negative keyword tool.  That tool was not very good because it could only identify strings, not whole words. With the help of the genius Excel gurus over at ExcelForum, I was able to throw together a process for analyzing search query reports for the […]

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Excel Keyword Labeler Tool for PPC

  Use this simple, flexible, and scalable Excel keyword labeler tool for categorizing, classifying, grouping and labeling keyword lists. Frequently Asked Questions What does the Excel labeler formula do? Answer: I have no idea.  An Excel genius by the name of NBVC over at ExcelForum.com created this. How do I put those squiggly braces around […]

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Adgroups for each keyword

Generate PPC Campaigns Using Adwords Editor and Excel

Want to generate PPC campaigns using Adwords Editor and Excel? Some paid search engine marketers like to isolate high-volume, high-cost keywords by putting each keyword into its own adgroup. One benefit of structuring a campaign this way is that you can view your keywords from the Ad Groups tab and sort by conversions to see […]

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Group Keywords Using Excel Keyword Density Grouper

Group Keywords Using Excel Keyword Density Grouper

Group Keywords Using a Keyword Density Macro I converted this Excel VBA code I found into an Excel keyword density tool.  This Excel tool can analyze the density of a keyword list and output the most common frequencies for 1 word, 2 word and 3 word phrases. Let me give you an example of when […]

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