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PPC Campaign Builder Software

Looking for a PPC Campaign Builder tool or software?  Allow me to cut to the chase and tell you what you need to know. SpeedPPC is likely to most well-known.  It has a desktop version and a cloud-based version.  It's also what I consider high-priced and has a monthly fee which I hate.  On top […]

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PPC Tools

PPC Software and Tools

PPC Campaign Building Software PPC Campaign Generator Speed PPC Web-based PPC Campaign Builders AppSpot PPC Campaign Builder Speed PPC Cloud Wordstream Keyword Grouping Software Keyword Grouper Keyword Tokenization Software Keyword Classifier Web-based Keyword Grouping Software Wordstream Keyword Grouper Keyword Generation Tools KeywordDatabase.net Domain Espionage Wordtracker Adwords Keyword Tool Scrapebox Xedant Keyword Database Bid Management Software Marin Software […]

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Negative Keyword Tool for Excel

Free Excel Negative Keyword Tool

This is the new and improved version of my initial Excel negative keyword tool.  That tool was not very good because it could only identify strings, not whole words. With the help of the genius Excel gurus over at ExcelForum, I was able to throw together a process for analyzing search query reports for the […]

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21 Reasons NOT to Choose DoubleClick for Bid Management

If you are considering DoubleClick Search as your bid management platform, here are 21 reasons to think hard about before signing that contract with DoubleClick.  These 21 reasons are from hands-on experience after struggling with DoubleClick's lack of features, slowness, and inefficiencies.  If I had to sum up my experience with DoubleClick as a bid […]

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Online Keyword Grouping Tools

Online Keyword Grouping Tools

In this post, I'll share with you all the online keyword grouping tools I've come across. Wordstream Keyword Grouper The Wordstream online keyword grouping tool is pretty cool.  Wordstream uses a proprietary keyword grouping algorithm that performs advanced linguistic, semantic and statistical analysis on your keyword list in order to find the most relevant and […]

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Keyword Grouping Software

Keyword Grouping Software Tools for PPC

My definition of good keyword grouping software is a downloadable program that can systematically group any-sized keyword list into logical keyword groupings every time regardless of marketing vertical or niche.  In this post, I'll introduce you to all the keyword grouping software tools I've run across and explain the pros and cons of each. Before […]

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Group Keywords Using Excel Keyword Density Grouper

Group Keywords Using Excel Keyword Density Grouper

Group Keywords Using a Keyword Density Macro I converted this Excel VBA code I found into an Excel keyword density tool.  This Excel tool can analyze the density of a keyword list and output the most common frequencies for 1 word, 2 word and 3 word phrases. Let me give you an example of when […]

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