Things I Hate About Adcenter Desktop

This is going to be an ongoing blog post about all the things I hate about Microsoft Adcenter.  As I come across new things that annoy me about their platform, I will post them here to create a master list of annoyances.

I must warn you, I will be bitching, ranting and raving freely here without a care of anyone reading this.  I will let the passion for my hatred burn through for the stupid, incompetent ways the idiotic developers and engineers at Microsoft Adcenter have designed and set up their system.

Remember this Password does not Save Password

Exhibit ARemember this Password Never Works The developers at Adcenter have provided us a terrific "Remember this password" check box to remember our passwords.

The only problem is, it doesn't remember your password.  Other than that though, it works awesome!

Standard Metrics Not Included by Default

Exhibit BClick Column Not Selected by Default In Adcenter Desktop, the developers thought it would be a great idea to not include standard metrics like Clicks and Avg. CPC.

If you want to see these metrics, you literally have to CHOOSE them from the "Choose Columns" button.

The developers seem to think people only care about impressions, not clicks... even though they give you CTR by default.

Adcenter - Errors, Errors and More Errors

Exhibit CAdcenter Desktop Errors In the past, I used to get obscure errors from Adcenter Desktop.  Error Code:lkdflkjsdflksjflkdsj  Today, I still get a ton of errors, but now they have an explanation (we're all so privileged).

Take a look at the error I got on the right.  This occurred simply by launching the program.  I closed the program, launched it again and everything worked fine.

Had I actually gone through all the steps of uninstalling and reinstalling because of this error message, I would have wasted an hour of my day.

Thanks Adcenter!

Resource Intensive - Die Computer Resources!

Exhibit DAdcenter Desktop is Resource Intensive When you launch Adcenter Desktop, it takes at least a full minute to launch.  When it's running, computer resources get hogged up - even when the program is doing NOTHING!

Next time you run Adcenter Desktop, take a look at your Task Manager and you will see how much memory is being utilized when the program is doing nothing.

Even when you CLOSE Adcenter Desktop and think it's closed, a process called SQL Server continues to run hogging up resources.

Campaign Negative Keyword Conflicts

Exhibit EConflicting Negative Keywords When you have negative keywords that conflict with current keywords in your account, you get warning symbols in Adcenter Desktop on the Campaign level.

To view the campaign warning, you first to find out what the warning is, then undo the warning filter and go to the keywords tab to search for the keyword that has a negative keyword conflict.


The solution is so stupid-simple, I wish I could say I'm surprised that Adcenter developers didn't think about it.  Let's see here, when the "Warnings" filter is ON, and the user is on the keywords tab, SHOW ALL KEYWORDS THAT CONFLICT WITH NEGATIVES!

Importing from Google to Bing - URLs

Exhibit FFind and Replace is Worthless When importing from Google to Bing, there is no way to dynamically insert the utm_campaign parameter for Google Analytics tracking.

All other params can be constant but the Campaign param is variable.  They provide the ability to Find and replace text in destination URLs which is only somewhat usefulex: changing utm_source=google to utm_source=bing

Select a Date Range that Falls Within 184 Days

Exhibit GSelect a date range that falls within 184 days BULLSHIT When you are in the Adcenter interface trying to pull a search query report for example, it gives you a message:"Select a date range that falls within the last 184 days."

Why the HELL should I have to figure out what date was 184 days ago!

How about they update their system to accommodate advertisers trying to pull data further back than 184 days!

Apparently they don't think Advertisers care about data from 184 days ago.    You know, for things like reports and this crazy idea of historical data.

Random Keyword Disapprovals

Exhibit HObscure Keyword Disapprovals Keyword disapprovals on random keywords that are highly similar to other keywords in the same adgroup that remain "Eligible" (approved).

On the same token, I've also noticed very generic terms being protected by trademark policies.

Advanced Search Does Not Provide Text AREA

Exhibit IKeyword Contains - No Text Area Can someone tell me why Adcenter only allows you to advance search using a text field instead of a text AREA?  The great thing about Adwords Editor is its ability to bulk search for multiple criteria in a text area.

Let's think about a common scenario.  Let's say you need to bulk search for 10 keywords that contain a certain text string.In Adcenter, since they only give you a text field instead of an area, you have to put string 1 in, string 2 in, string three in ... string 10 in.

Waaaaaaaaaaay Toooooooooo Manual intensive and unnecessary just because the Adcenter developers are morons.

Destination URL Not Clickable in Adcenter

Exhibit J

Adcenter Destination URL
The destination URL in the interface is not clickable and in a simple single-line format. Instead, the URL is word-wrapped in the table cell.

Campaign Has More Keywords Than Can Be Displayed

Exhibit K When you’re in a campaign with too many adgroups to display, you get this message below.  Why is Adcenter’s system so shity that it can’t display SOME information?

No Find/Replace on Campaigns Tab ... Really?

Exhibit L On the Campaigns tab, you can't hit CTRL + H to Find and Replace something within the campaign name.

To achieve this, Adcenter makes you manually edit each campaign individually.

Same goes for the Ad Groups tab!So unbelievably stupid.

Adcenter Desktop Not Available on Mac

Exhibit MAdcenter Desktop Not available on Mac Adcenter Desktop is not available for Mac users.  I'm not a Mac user myself, but seriously WTF.

Why would they make a Windows-only version?

Oh wait, that's because they created Windows and Apple is their rival.

Exact-match Isn't Really Exact Match

Exhibit NAdcenter Exact Match If the keyword is [ppc tool] exact-match, your ads can still trigger on the plural version of this keyword --> [ppc tools].  

I ask you, what's the point of calling it 'Exact Match' if it isn't really EXACT match?

Custom Range Date Picker is Programmed Idiotically

Exhibit OAdcenter Date Picker is an Epic Fail just like Microsoft Adcenter forces you to change the ending date range first before you can change the beginning date range.  In other words, you can't choose a beginning date range that exceeds the value in the ending date range.  This is stupid stupid stupid.

It's very common to look at 3 months ago, then 2 months ago.

Switching from 3 months to two months requires you to first change the ending date range, THEN it will allow you to change the beginning.

I expect this list to get longer since there is no shortage on things that are wrong with Adcenter.

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  1. Chicago April 8, 2012 at 1:42 pm #

    I am using adcenter and the system is just BS... i mean, i am ranking 1-3 according to them yet my ads arent even showing ? Seriously?

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